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Pregatire practica. Domeniul Mecanic (clasa a IX-a) - Liceu, (1)

The Theory of Groups and Quantum Mechanics, Paperback/Hermann Weyl

Dover Publications

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This book is devoted to the consistent and systematic application of group theory to quantum mechanics. Beginning with a detailed introduction to the classical theory of groups, Dr. Weyl continues with an account of the fundamental results of quantum physics. There follows a rigorous investigation of the relations holding between the mathematical and physical theories. Topics covered include: unitary geometry, quantum theory (Schrodinger's wave equation, transition probabilities, directional quantization, collision phenomena, Zeeman and Stark effects); groups and their representations (sub-groups and conjugate classes, linear transformations, rotation and Lorentz groups, closed continuous groups, invariants and covariants, Lie's theory); applications of group theory to quantum mechanics (simple state and term analysis, the spinning electron, multiplet structure, energy and momentum, Pauli exclusion principle, problem of several bodies, Maxwell-Dirac field equations, etc.); the symmetric permutation group; and algebra of symmetric transformation (invariant sub-spaces in group and tensor space, sub-groups, Young's symmetry operators, spin and valence, group theoretic classification of atomic spectra, branching laws, etc).Throughout, Dr. Weyl emphasizes the ``reciprocity`` between representations of the symmetric permutation group and those of the complete linear group. His simplified treatment of ``reciprocity,`` the Clebsch-Gordan series, and the Jordan-Holder theorem and its analogues, has helped to clarity these and other complex topics.

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